Wednesday, March 6, 2013

my plan to know if your still friends with someone at another school ANIME FAN STYLE

I use her cos I went to an all girls school but it works both ways.

Step 1: Never be reachable: she must make the first move this means NO email and she has to  start the chats.
Step 2: You've got something on your nose by the way just there: does she rub all these new inside jokes in your face by saying something then telling you not to ask. does she quote lines or reference shows you haven't seen. this includes constantly complaining about her life.
Step 3: knock knock who's there: does she disappear all the time to Google something watch music videos or read fanfiction. this also includes constantly complaining.
Step 4: sorry I have more important things to do: if she disappears the you disappear for good. Go watch an anime she hasn't herd of and don't tell her what it is.
Step 5: I'm baaaack: come back after about 20 minutes and DON'T say sorry.
Step 6: I can do anything you can do better: I f she tells you something funny that happened at her school....BETTER IT.
Step 7: I'm sorry I don't speak backstabber: use new phrases or words to describe things. guilt trip her maybe she'll realize whats happening.
Step 8: Grab my hand: if she starts to fight back and try confuse you with more lines quotes and jokes......let it go man. she's gone. if she starts to whine and beg you to stop: your safe.......for now. she still has a few ties get together try and rescue your friendship.

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